Intruder Alarm FAQ

Yes, with our Smartphone App you can access and control the alarm on your premises remotely.

Yes, our Engineer can set up each key holder with their easily remembered personal code which can then be removed, as necessary. Up to 64 codes can be added to a system.

All our monitored burglar alarms are fully certified as we are licensed by the PSA and NSAI. Certification needs to be renewed annually. Some insurance companies offer discounts up to 20% with T’s and C’s, please check with your insurance provider.


We have a range of CCTV camera’s to suit every budget from analogue to IP HD, undoubtedly a worthwhile deterrent however no one size fits all. We install reliable systems that we trust to suit your needs and provide peace of mind. Please contact us here to discuss.

Yes, technology today means that CCTV camera’s automatically operate between daylight and night time vision, providing hundreds of hours of high quality images.

Yes, our HD IP camera range can be view on any smartphone or mobile device from anywhere, anytime.

We can upgrade your existing system to HD IP CCTV without having to replace everything, subject to a site survey.

Fire Alarms FAQ

Yes, as part of health and safety regulations and also it is often a prerequisite of your insurance policy. You need to check with your insurance provider.

Yes, reliable and trustworthy wireless fire and life safety solutions are available. These can be installed in any premises but are particularly useful in large warehouse and period buildings.

Yes, a maintenance contract with Wilson Security ensures your vital fire and life safety system is maintained to industry standard, professionally tested and re-certified.

Access Control FAQ

Yes, a network access control system gives flexibility and any door can be set to remain locked or unlocked during a specific period of time.

Yes, using a networked access control system the business owner can manage and control restricted areas of the business and keep a record of who’s on the premises.

Rest assured, our reliable access control systems are designed to release all appropriate doors during an emergency such as a fire alarm activation.

Yes, a network access control system can be set to create a list of everyone on the premises when the fire alarm activates.

Intercoms FAQ

Yes, using infrared sensor technology there are now touch free exit buttons and entrance panels available.

Yes, systems are available to access your Intercom on your Phone or Mobile device.

Yes, both audio and video Intercom systems are available.

Thermal Body Temperature Camera FAQ

We have a sales promotion on our Temperature Monitoring Access Control system which is now very affordable, please contact us here to discuss. Our High Accuracy Thermal Body Temperature Measurement is a more extensive solution with multi-person measurement suitable for the larger commercial site. Please contact us here for more information.

This system can measure the body temperature of up to 30 people at the same time.

Staff are not required to operate the Temperature Monitoring Access Control system. Once professionally installed and the facial recognition feature is fully integrated with the body temperature monitoring, access control to your premises will operate accurately and automatically.

This innovative technology measures body temperature to +/- 0.3 degrees centigrade, which is a universal medically accurate gauge.

Key Holding FAQ

Yes, with mobile Patrol alarm response units throughout the island of Ireland we can offer a nationwide service.

Simply contact us here for a quote.

Yes, all security Patrol Staff are Garda vetted and are trained to the highest industry standard, we are licensed by the PSA – Private Security Authority.

Static Guards FAQ

We provide cost effective, bespoke static guard services to suit all needs. Just contact us here to discuss your requirements.

Yes, we can provide a security checkpoint on your premises for certain periods of time.

Yes, all our security guards are recruited through a vigorous selection process, trained to Fetac Level 4 and fully garda vetted.