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Monitored Alarm

Join the Smart Home Security System Revolution!

The Wilson Smart Home Alarm Safety System is among the most advanced house alarm systems on the market. Offering you total control of your Alarm System directly from your Smartphone or tablet.

  • €199 installation fee – 5 sensors*
  • From €1.00 per day monitoring fee
  • 24/7 monitored wireless alarm
  • Smart phone App
  • Pet friendly
  • Life time warranty*
  • PSA and NSAI licenced 100% Irish company
  • Upgrade to Touchscreen control panel option
  • Smart Home Automation options

*Terms & Conditions apply

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Monitored Smart Alarm System Installation Only €199

Introductory Offer

Smart Home Automation Options

The Complete Solution



Allows users to add up to four local and dedicated touchscreen interfaces to the ZeroWire system for comprehensive system operation. An intuitive user interface, similar to the mobile application, reduces learning time and enhances the overall user experience.



Provides a single, convenient access point for the whole home security system.

UltraSync+ app

The UltraSync+ app provides quick and convenient access to your whole system, from virtually anywhere. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app turns your smartphone or tablet into a home control centre in the palm of your hand.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensors

Feel even safer with added security from advanced motion sensors. For example, you can receive a push notification from the app when a sensor has been triggered

Environmental Sensors

Environmental sensors

Respond to situation quickly with sensors that detect environmental hazard, floods or freezing situations and breaking glass

Micro Door Window Sensor

Micro door/window sensor

Know immediately if a door or window has been opened.

Smoke And Heat Sensors

Smoke and heat sensors

Protect your family with one of the easiest ways to keep them safe from smoke and fire

2 Way Key Fob

2-way key fob

With part- and full-arming for ease of use. Be in control with this small powerful device that acts like an electronic key to arm and disarm your security systems

Door Locks

Door locks

Advanced technology allows you to remotely lock and unlock your doors using a smartphone or tablet

Video Camera

Video Camera

Indoor and outdoor video cameras monitor remote and sensitive areas to provide another layer of security

Smart Devices

Smart Devices

Remotely manage home systems like Z-wave lights, appliances, garage doors and thermostats


Yes, a network access control system gives flexibility and any door can be set to remain locked or unlocked during a specific period of time.

Yes, using a networked access control system the business owner can manage and control restricted areas of the business and keep a record of who’s on the premises.

Rest assured, our reliable access control systems are designed to release all appropriate doors during an emergency such as a fire alarm activation.

Yes, a network access control system can be set to create a list of everyone on the premises when the fire alarm activates.


We have a range of CCTV camera’s to suit every budget from analogue to IP HD, undoubtedly a worthwhile deterrent however no one size fits all. We install reliable systems that we trust to suit your needs and provide peace of mind. Please contact us here to discuss.

Yes, technology today means that CCTV camera’s automatically operate between daylight and night time vision, providing hundreds of hours of high quality images.

Yes, our HD IP camera range can be view on any smartphone or mobile device from anywhere, anytime.

We can upgrade your existing system to HD IP CCTV without having to replace everything, subject to a site survey.


Yes, camera’s may use sophisticated technology but today’s systems are very customer friendly and easy to use. And once your system is installed our engineers will provide a complete ‘user guide’ demonstration.

Yes, all our CCTV systems can be viewed from anywhere in the world on your mobile devices – smartphone, tablet, laptop, iPad.

Yes, adding camera’s to your monitored alarm system provides another layer of security and protection to your home.


Yes, as part of health and safety regulations and also it is often a prerequisite of your insurance policy. You need to check with your insurance provider.

Yes, reliable and trustworthy wireless fire and life safety solutions are available. These can be installed in any premises but are particularly useful in large warehouse and period buildings.

Yes, a maintenance contract with Wilson Security ensures your vital fire and life safety system is maintained to industry standard, professionally tested and re-certified.


Yes, apart from being an essential safety feature to protect your family it is recommended that at least one smoke detector is installed on each floor and in every bedroom of your home.

Yes, we can install wireless detectors with the latest technology to ensure early detection of any heat, smoke and CO activations and raise the alarm immediately.

Rest assured, all our detectors are connected to your alarm panel which will signal when your batteries are running low.


Yes, using infrared sensor technology there are now touch free exit buttons and entrance panels available.

Yes, systems are available to access your Intercom on your Phone or Mobile device.

Yes, both audio and video Intercom systems are available.


Yes, with our Smartphone App you can access and control the alarm on your premises remotely.

Yes, our Engineer can set up each key holder with their easily remembered personal code which can then be removed, as necessary. Up to 64 codes can be added to a system.

All our monitored burglar alarms are fully certified as we are licensed by the PSA and NSAI. Certification needs to be renewed annually. Some insurance companies offer discounts up to 20% with T’s and C’s, please check with your insurance provider.


Yes. Wilson security can either take over an existing system or upgrade it to a smart home monitored alarm, subject to a site survey.

We have special offers all the time for homeowners, contact us here to get an accurate quote suitable to your safety needs.

A maintenance contract keeps your system and your certification up to date. We recommend a maintenance contract to ensure your alarm is in optimal working order, we will look after any issues and replace batteries so it’s actually very cost effective.


Yes, with mobile Patrol alarm response units throughout the island of Ireland we can offer a nationwide service.

Simply contact us here for a quote.

Yes, all security Patrol Staff are Garda vetted and are trained to the highest industry standard, we are licensed by the PSA – Private Security Authority.


Put simply – Home Security at your fingertips. Its a wireless 24/7 monitored security solution for your home. Using our Smartphone App you can access and control your home security system remotely on a mobile device from anywhere around the world. Our system can be upgraded to include a suite of Smart Home Automation options to provide complete peace of mind, convenience and comfort.

Our professional installations are certified to the highest Irish and European standards and we bring our trusted 25 year experience with our exceptional customer service.

Our installation fee is 199.00 inc Vat and includes a FREE Remote Control Keyfob as part of our introductory offer. The accompanying monitoring and maintenance contract has a daily cost from €1.00 for the length of your contract.

Ultimately our Monitored Smart Home Alarm provides peace of mind as your home will be monitored 24 x 7 x 365 while your contract is active. Our security solution includes: access to our Smartphone App, lifetime warranty including replacement batteries, scheduled maintenance service, unlimited professional engineer call-outs and the possibility to add on smart home automation options. Check out our Terms and Conditions for complete contract details.

Our Monitored Smart Home Alarm is coupled with a monitoring contract which provides a complete security solution. However, we do have other house alarm packages and business security options available, please complete our call back request and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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