Complete Access Control Systems

Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed.

Managed access control systems protect your property, assets and staff while reducing your risk of unauthorised people on site or in restricted areas of your business.

Today’s innovative Access Control solutions offer different levels of security options, all convenient to use and manage, cost effective and flexible to suit your business needs. Our preferred suppliers are market  leaders Paxton and ACT/Vanderbilt.

Access Control For Business
Standalone Network Access

Standalone System

This offline system uses a pin or fob to gain access and each door is programmed, this is suitable for smaller premises with a low number of users and can be extended easily as your requirements  increase.

Network Access Control

Networked Access Control System

This online system gives central control via a PC which sends instant signals to each door. This system offers flexibility, granting different access levels to individuals or group of users. It is the optimal solution for larger premises with multiple doors and users.

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Yes, a network access control system gives flexibility and any door can be set to remain locked or unlocked during a specific period of time.

Yes, using a networked access control system the business owner can manage and control restricted areas of the business and keep a record of who’s on the premises.

Rest assured, our reliable access control systems are designed to release all appropriate doors during an emergency such as a fire alarm activation.