Prevention is the key to your peace of mind

Wilson Security can install essential heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as part of your security system, all entirely linked to our monitoring station.

Naturally we want to protect our home and our families. The consequences of fire or smoke damage is a cause of concern, however today’s fire alarm technology identifies early heat and smoke detection giving precious warning time to evacuate your home and save lives. All verified alarm activations into our monitoring station will be responded to within minutes and the emergency services alerted if required.

For true peace of mind, reliability is critical and you can trust that our fire alarms are always on. We can connect your smoke and wireless CO detectors to your Wilson Security monitored alarm panel, ensuring that any low battery issue will be identified and we will be in touch with you to arrange a replacement.

All our fire alarm systems are fully certified to the industry standard IS-3218:2013


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Yes, apart from being an essential safety feature to protect your family it is recommended that at least one smoke detector is installed on each floor and in every bedroom of your home.

Yes, we can install wireless detectors with the latest technology to ensure early detection of any heat, smoke and CO activations and raise the alarm immediately.

Rest assured, all our detectors are connected to your alarm panel which will signal when your batteries are running low.