Manage access to your business

Wilson Security offer solutions for a wide range of applications where door entry and access control are required.

Intercom systems provide an interactive security solution that manages exactly who gains access to your property or premises. An additional layer of protection for your staff and business, reducing your exposure to any unnecessary risk.

It is important that Intercom systems are reliable with user-friendly functionality and a suitable protection level for your particular specification. We install Videx and AES Intercom systems, both of excellent quality with the latest technology that you can trust.

There are many audio and video Intercom options available using a range of technology from wired, wireless, digital GSM and WiFi. At Wilson Security, we can advise on the most effective and affordable Intercom solution for your business.

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Yes, using infrared sensor technology there are now touch free exit buttons and entrance panels available.

Yes, systems are available to access your Intercom on your Phone or Mobile device.

Yes, both audio and video Intercom systems are available.