Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

Dahua Thermal Solution Supports Epidemic Prevention and Control.

In response to the global pandemic of Covid-19, Dahua has developed accurate and real time thermal measurement camera solutions that can detect elevated body temperatures. Dahua Technology is a worldwide innovative company using AI chip and deep learning algorithms to design cost effective, safe, contactless solutions for businesses to operate successfully in a Covid-19 environment.

Currently we offer two Thermal Body Temperature Solutions both designed for indoor use and providing precise, reliable information. See details below.

Thermal Body
Temperature Monitoring Access Control

Temperature Monitoring Access Control

A standalone system with facial recognition that can fully integrate with your existing access control system. This solution measures the body temperature of one person at a time and as a contactless system reduces the risk of cross infection. It is fast and accurate with extensive storage of facial images and temperature data enabling easy historical access. It also has excellent compatibility with third party systems such as turnstiles and Video Management Systems.

High Accuracy Thermal Body Temperature Measurement

High Accuracy Thermal Body Temperature Measurement

This solution provides highly accurate and efficient body temperature monitoring using AI chip and deep learning algorithms for multi-person measurement simultaneously up to 3metres in distance for fast and non-contact access. This system can also detect face mask recognition and can audibly and visibly alert non-compliance.

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We have a sales promotion on our Temperature Monitoring Access Control system which is now very affordable, please contact us here to discuss. Our High Accuracy Thermal Body Temperature Measurement is a more extensive solution with multi-person measurement suitable for the larger commercial site. Please contact us here for more information.

This system can measure the body temperature of up to 30 people at the same time.

Staff are not required to operate the Temperature Monitoring Access Control system. Once professionally installed and the facial recognition feature is fully integrated with the body temperature monitoring, access control to your premises will operate accurately and automatically.